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Fourstar Material Management provides material handling equipment and storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Products include Lifting Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Storage Solutions, Loading Dock Equipment, Office Filing and Storage Systems, Industrial In-Plant Offices and Integrated Systems and Controls.

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Mezzanines, Inplant Office & Wire Mesh Systems

Fourstar Material Management Systems has extensive experience designing, installing and integrating a broad range of quality & cost effective material handling systems & storage solutions. We provide personalized service to meet all of your material handling & storage needs.

Mezzanines bring your industrial or retail workspace to a new level, transforming unused overhead areas into space that works.  Our mezzanine systems are fully engineered for maximum strength, stability, and function. 

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Modular Inplant Office Systems: When changes in your business create new demands for in-plant space utilization, PortaFab modular offices and enclosures give you unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost effectively.

Wire Mesh Systems: Secure your property with a wire mesh partition system.  Made to fit, our modular wire mesh partition system delivers 24 hour security while its all steel construction resists wear and requires no maintenance.

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