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Fourstar Material Management provides material handling equipment and storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Products include Lifting Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Storage Solutions, Loading Dock Equipment, Office Filing and Storage Systems, Industrial In-Plant Offices and Integrated Systems and Controls.

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Automated Storage & Retrieval

Fourstar Material Management Systems has extensive experience designing, installing and integrating a broad range of quality & cost effective material handling systems & storage solutions. We provide personalized service to meet all of your material handling & storage needs.




Vertical Lift Module (Shuttles): An enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform, and computerized push-button controls allowing operators to stay in one place as items are delivered to an ergonomic workstation. The VLM is a space efficient storage solution where heavy applications such as tooling can be stored, located, retrieved, and delivered to an ergonomic workstation.

Horizontal Carousels:
Horizontal carousels provide a system of horizontally rotating shelves, suspended from a guide track, that move on command. They deliver items to the operator, which increases order picking throughout significantly over other traditional methods. 

Vertical Carousels: Vertical carousels consist of rotating shelves that move up or down along a full tracking guide channel in response to commands, delivering items to the operator at an ergonomically safe and convenient access window. Maximizes available overhead space while freeing valuable floor space. Carousel systems can be used in any application where shelving or drawers are currently being used.

Pick-Light Systems: Remstar's Pick-Light Systems are a series of individual alphanumeric displays and towers used in conjunction with horizontal carousels, flow racks, static shelving, or other pick/put operations, multiple order picking applications at work stations, and warehousing & distribution applications.

Dispensing Systems: Remstar's Dispensing Systems are stand-alone units for all types of indexable insert tooling and larger tools at point-of-use. The Sentinel® Storage & Dispensing System uses Remstar's proven Vertical Carousel experience, with its patented sliding door technology. Features offer increased productivity and security, reduced inventory shrinkage and access management for reporting.

Automotive: Remstar offers the industry's broadest selection of automated storage and retrieval systems for automotive service and parts operations. With Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems, you can increase service technician billing efficiency, accommodate more parts in up to 75 percent less space and create room for more service bays. Remstar offers licensed interfaces with ADP , Reynolds & Reynolds and UCS for seamless business integration. The automated systems help assure that the right part is in stock and can eliminate the need for annual inventories, while reducing paper flow.

Software: FastPic provides complete inventory control and increased levels of productivity, inventory turns, picking accuracy and inventory security. Inventory levels can be managed by part, workzone, operator, time period, etc. Dynamic space management tools maximize both floor and overhead space. Seamless integration with AS/RS systems allow operators to enter or scan a part name (number) or description into the
system and the items are automatically delivered. Eliminates wasted search time for mis-placed or out of stock inventory.


Tire Carousels:
Tires are easily located – no more wasted time looking for tires. Retrieving and storing tires is quick, easy and pain free. No more lifting and throwing tires to a second level.




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