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Fourstar Material Management provides material handling equipment and storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Products include Lifting Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Storage Solutions, Loading Dock Equipment, Office Filing and Storage Systems, Industrial In-Plant Offices and Integrated Systems and Controls.

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Rack Systems

Fourstar Material Management Systems has extensive experience in designing, installing and integrating a broad range of quality & cost effective material handling systems & storage solutions. We provide personalized service to meet all of your material handling & storage needs. 

      Wire Decking   Wire Decking - Complete your warehouse rack with wire decking from Nashville Wire Products - the largest manufacturer of wire rack decking in North America. Choose from our wide variety of stock & quick ship sizes, or let us design and build a custom deck to your specifications.

Pallet Rack (LIFO/FIFO Pallets, Cartons, Pieces) - Standard pallet rack is useful as a stand-alone or can have any of UNARCO's component systems added to create efficient warehouse solutions.

Pallet Flow (FIFO Pallets) - High-density pallet storage where pallets are loaded from the rear and flow forward to a picking position on heavy-duty skate wheels lanes.



Carton Flow (FIFO Cartons, Pieces) - Uses small wheels or conveyor lanes to move cartons through the pallet rack to a picking position powered by gravity.

Rhinotrac (LIFO, Cartons) - Heavy-duty carton flow roller conveyor with integrated brackets to lay into pallet rack for carton flow.


  Drive-In (LIFO Pallets) - Store pallets on rials running the depth of the rack system with a common load and retrieval aisle.


  Drive-Thru - (FIFO Pallets) Store pallets on rails running the depth of the rack system with separate load and retrieval aisles.


  Retail - Pallet rack and specially designed accessories can store pallets, case products or awkward piece-parts in a manner that is safe to consumer traffic in warehouse-style stores and Home Centers.   Displays provide flexibility as product changes.


  Guardrails - Guardrails provide a safety barrier for pallet rack or other property or equipment.  Upright mounted or freestanding models available in a variety of sizes and lengths.

For more information on rack systems, please go to www.unarcorack.com.

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