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Fourstar Material Management provides material handling equipment and storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Products include Lifting Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Storage Solutions, Loading Dock Equipment, Office Filing and Storage Systems, Industrial In-Plant Offices and Integrated Systems and Controls.

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Lifting and Positioning Equipment

Fourstar Material Management Systems has extensive experience designing, installing and integrating a broad range of quality & cost effective material handling systems & storage solutions. We provide personalized service to meet all of your material handling & storage needs.



Vacuum Lifting Equipment - simplify your daily handling tasks, particularly when heavy loads have to be moved. There are almost no limits to the possible applications: metal sheets, coils, sheets of wood, planks and beams, stones and rocks, barrels, ... Loads which, in the past, had to be moved by several persons can now be handled easily and safely by a single person.




Material Lift - Material lifts are used to move material or products from one level to another. These lifts allow the use of unused or previously inaccessible spaces such as basements, lofts, mezzanines or another floor. Each lift is designed to fit your specific application.


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